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Card - Wonderfully Made

Card - Wonderfully Made

A card for New Baby and Child's Birthday

Inside message: blank.

Notes about the original artwork:

"Psalm 139 verses 3 and 4 are especially fitting for welcoming a new baby or celebrating a child’s birthday. Thanks be to our God for his amazingly intricate and precious creative work. All 24 verses of Psalm 139 are packed with inspiring insights into God’s love, nature, and work. God has deep knowledge of us; we are fully known by him because he made us. We are never alone. We are wonderfully made. The psalmist, overwhelmed with God’s love and work, wants to honor and serve him. Verses 23 and 24 are perhaps the best known."

Size: 5x7 in. vertical.

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CJD1275Card - Wonderfully Made