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Design In Mind, Inc.
2885 Country Dr Ste 145
Saint Paul, MN 55117 USA
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Inspirational Cards by Penscriptions

Welcome to Penscriptions Fine Calligraphy. Judy Dodds, owner, artist, calligrapher making thoughts visible - custom designs of inspiration & hope.

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My response to life's journey is to work with words, be inspired by great texts, express the abstract more tangibly and ... listen ... for God's still, small, gentle voice within the cacophony of the ups and downs, joys and sorrows experienced. In this relationship God comes transforming, with hope-full and wonderful surprises! Each piece created brings exploration, inspiration and discovery - on a concrete level as I work with my tools and experience; on a spiritual level as a passionate heart treasures God.

I hope you find images that give you inspiration and hope for your living, ways to use them in your home or for gifts, new insight into God's truths and words to encourage and bless those you are privileged to know, love, influence and befriend.

Thank you for stopping by,
Judy Dodds