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Design In Mind, Inc.
2885 Country Dr Ste 145
Saint Paul, MN 55117 USA
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How to Shop


Feel free to shop through our store. These tips will help you find your way!

  • Return to the home page at anytime by clicking Home just above the title of this page or at the top of the main menu on smaller devices.
  • The Products Headings under the Main Menu to the left will guide you through the store (On smaller devices click the gray portion of the screen to close the menu). Point to any main category to expand the subcategories. Click on any main category to see sample photos of the subcategories. Click on a subcategory (either on the Main Menu or on the sample photo) to view the products in the subcategory.
  • Use the Search box (upper right of the page) to locate specific products by name, type, color, or item number.
  • You can become a member when you place your first order. Choose "Create an Account" on the first page of Checkout. You will then be asked to create your password on the next page of Checkout.
  • For members, shopping carts are remembered until you purchase or delete the contents. No need to get it all done in one session!
  • Want to see several different items together on one page? Just add them all to your shopping cart. They are easily removed as you narrow down your choices.