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ForLife Curve Teapots

The Curve teapot by Forlife has an extra-fine stainless steel infuser...a simple, clean way of steeping your fine loose tea!

Curve teapots are modern, lead-free, glazed porcelain. They are dishwasher and microwave safe, except for the stainless-steel infuser. The Curve teapot features a silicone rubber seal on the teapot lid which keeps the lid tightly in place with or without the infuser. Curve teaware comes gift boxed.

Curve teapots Size Guide:
  • 24 oz teapot serves 4 teacups or 2 mugs (10 - 12 oz) of tea. Use a Medium Size Tea Quilt™ tea cozy.
  • 45 oz teapot serves 7 teacups or 4 mugs (10 oz) of tea. Use a Large Size Tea Quilt™ tea cozy.
Tea cozies are not included in the teapot price.