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Buy the Best Tea Cozy: Tea Quilt tea cozies

Shop for T-sac tea filters, fine loose teas, Chatsford teapots, ForLife teapots, and much more.

The Tea Quiltâ„¢ tea cozy keeps tea hot and fresh for hours. Each tea cozy is hand cut from quality materials sourced in the USA and Canada, and made in Minnesota .

All sizes of T-sac tea filters in stock now!

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About - A shop for Tea Lovers

The Tea Quilt brand tea cozy

Made in the USA by Design In Mind, Inc. exclusively for Tea cozies in 100's of patterns and many different themes feature superior insulating layers and a stain blocking inner liner. Handcrafted in Minnesota by people that have learned how to stay warm and make a tea cozy that keeps tea hot for hours!

Loose leaf teas

Loose leaf teas in nearly 100 varieties include many single estate teas from India, Sri Lanka, China, Nepal, and Taiwan; also unique and traditional blended and flavored teas, including decaffeinated teas; and many great, caffeine free, herbal and fruit blends.

T-sac tea filters

T-sac tea filters for loose leaf tea are unbleached hemp paper tea filters. T-sac tea filters are the easiest way to brew loose leaf tea by the teacup, mug, or teapot. Paper tea filters offer easy cleanup and are disposable in compost or as mulch. All tea filter sizes, #1, #2, #3, and #4 are available in 100 count boxes. T-sac tea filter sizes #2 and #3 are also available in 1000 count bulk packaging for tea service use with either take out cups or teapot service.

Teapots, teacups, and mugs

Chatsford brand teapots, made by The London Teapot Company, are our most popular English style stoneware teapot. Chatsford Teapots are favored for their built in large nylon basket infuser, one of the largest offered for any comparably sized teapot. ForLife brand Stump and Curve style teapots, For Life teacups, and ForLife infuser mugs are lead-free high-fired ceramic teaware. For Life teapots, teacups, and mugs are offered in many bright, contemporary colors. Mara Stoneware mugs are desired for their heavy stoneware design, and their beautiful artwork and glazing.

Accessories for tea service

Scoops, strainers, scales, thermometers, and timers for making tea. Drip catchers, lemon wraps, paper coasters and doilies, and decorative napkins for serving tea. Kitchen tools to help prepare treats for your high tea.