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International Shipping

International shipping is available to selected countries through this website. Shipping is done through the US and International Postal Services. Costs start at $11.00 US to Canada and $24.00 US to other countries for the first pound. The website will calculate the actual cost based on the weight and the shipping address provided.

Import Taxes, import duties, local VAT, and any other import fees will be collected from you when the package is delivered.

If your country is not an available selection on the shipping address page, it means we do not ship to your country on credit card payment. If you wish to order, contact us by email. You will be given instructions for paying your order through Western Union.

When shipping breakable items, we make every effort to pack them securely, but damage does still occur. For international shipments, we will not replace broken merchandise. These shipments are insured, and we will refund all funds recovered from the insurance when the insurer pays us. This process typically takes 30 - 60 days.