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Chatsford Teapots by London Teapot Company

Preferred for their large, deep, built-in infuser.

Our favorite teapot! Designed and patented by The London Teapot Company, the large nylon mesh infuser is excellent for preparing loose leaf teas. This London based company currently manufactures in Thailand.

Chatsford Size Guide:
  • 16 oz teapot serves 2 teacups or 1 mug (10 - 12 oz) of tea. Use a Personal Size Tea Quilt™ tea cozy.
  • 24 oz teapot serves 4 teacups or 2 mugs (10 - 12 oz) of tea. Use a Medium Size Tea Quilt™ tea cozy.
  • 36 oz teapot serves 6 teacups or 3 mugs (10 oz) of tea. Use a Large Size Tea Quilt™ tea cozy.
  • 62 oz teapot DISCONTINUED
Tea cozies are not included in the teapot price.

Replacement Lids

Offered in limited quantities and colors. These are new items, but may have defects that affect appearance, but not functionality. They are sold "as is".

Replacement Strainers

Chatsford strainers (infusers) are available in all sizes and in both red and brown colors. These are all new items in factory condition. They will fit any generation of Chatsford teapot from The London Teapot Company, as well as any teapot from other manufacturers made under license from London Teapot Company.