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Ceylon & South India Teas

Ceylon black teas are known for their bright, crisp flavor!

Ceylon black teas are known for their bright, crisp flavor and beautiful golden to red color. Nilgiri teas tend to be milder in flavor and are highly valued for making iced tea, either alone or as a base for flavoring.

Tea was first brought to Ceylon (Sri Lanka) in the mid 1800's. The original plants came initially from China, but primarily from Assam in northern India as planting increased. The majority of Ceylon tea production is black tea. Ceylon also produces a limited amount of green tea, and a very limited amount of white tea. Ceylon teas are grown at a wide range of altitudes on the island. Low grown teas (sea level to 600 meters) tend to have a bolder, less subtle flavor and are often used for blending and flavoring. Mid grown (600 to 1200 meters) and high grown (above 1200 meters) teas develop more slowly and thus have many more subtle variations in flavor. These teas are most often sold directly as estate or regional teas. Teas grown in the Blue Mountains of Southern India, primarily in the Nilgiri tea region, are similar to Ceylon black teas in many ways, and yet unique as well. Nilgiri teas are highly favored for iced teas, plain or flavored and sweetened.