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Glass Teapots & Teasets

Elegant glass teapots are preferred for green and white teas and herbal infusions.

The clear glass teapot allows you to fully appreciate the color of the tea. Glass will not change the flavor of even the most delicate teas, and will not absorb tea flavors or oils. Borosilicate glass teapots can be directly heated on gas or electric (but NOT induction) cooktops.

Teapot Size Guide:
  • 18 oz teapot serves 3 teacups or 1 mug (10 - 12 oz) of tea. Use a Personal Size Tea Quilt™ tea cozy.
  • 24 oz teapot serves 4 teacups or 2 mugs (10 - 12 oz) of tea. Use a Medium Size Tea Quilt™ tea cozy.
  • 33 oz teapot serves 5 teacups or 3 mugs (10 oz) of tea. Use a Large Size Tea Quilt™ tea cozy.
Tea cozies are not included in the teapot price.