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Mugs with infusers

Stoneware and glass mugs with infusers and lids.

pefect when you prefer making one mug of great tea at a time.

ForLife Curve Mug

ForLife Curve Mug

This CURVE Tall Tea Mug and lid, complete with an extra-fine 0.3 mm hole stainless-steel infuser, is designed for a simple and clean way of steeping just one fresh cup of tea in your own cup. The extra-fine tea infuser enables you to steep fine loose-leaf teas to large whole-leaf teas. Lid doubles as an infuser holder when tea is done steeping. Dishwasher-safe. Microwave-safe, except infuser. Lead-free glazed porcelain with stainless-steel infuser.
5.25" H with lid and infuser in place. 3.5" Diameter. 5" W with handle.
Gift Boxed.
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MFL386REDForLife Curve Mug - red, 15 oz with infuser
Stoneware infuser mug set - 9 oz.

Stoneware infuser mug set - 9 oz.

Creamy colored stoneware with green glaze. Set includes 9 oz. mug, infuser and lid. Lid doubles as a coaster to hold the infuser after brewing. Comes in a gift box.
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MT003Stoneware infuser mug set - 9 oz. -
Glass brew in mug set - 12 oz.

Glass brew in mug set - 12 oz.

12 ounce glass mug set includes glass mug, infuser, and lid. Lid can also be used as a coaster for the infuser.
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TP012NGlass brew in mug set - 12 oz. -