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devotea logo... Date Printed: 05-28-2023
Card - Grapes

Card - Grapes

A card for All Occasions.

Inside message: Blank.

A note about the process used to move from blank paper to finished piece:

"Painting layers of color on the leaves and grapes to gradually reveal their structure and the play of light and shadows was very relaxing. Before painting the Arches cold press paper, I gathered leaves and painted watercolor on the vein side, then pressed them on wet paper. More watercolor was applied to the wet paper and wax paper ‘grapes’ were pressed on the paper in ‘grape’ clusters. The wet paper with the leaves and wax paper was then left to dry completely. When dry, the leaves and wax paper were lifted off to reveal the basic design. Finally, painting one layer after another gradually builds depth and definition in the image."

Size: 7x5 in. Horizontal.

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CJD7125Card - Grapes