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Design In Mind, Inc.
2885 Country Dr Ste 145
Saint Paul, MN 55117 USA
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Our Company

Design In Mind, Inc. was started in 1995 as a design consulting company. One of our early projects led us into making and marketing the Tea Quilt™ line of tea cozies. Since then the business has expanded to include a full range of teas and tea products, as well as several hundred patterns of the Tea Quilt.

Made in USA


Our Tea Quilt tea cozies are made from top quality, US made (as much as possible) materials. Each cozy is hand cut, sewn, and finished by our trained crafters at our Minnesota shop. We support "stay at home" mothers by offering flexible, part time schedules that support their desire to be home when the children are home, while still earning fair wages for the high quality work they accomplish.

Buy American
Our desire is to offer top quality, US made product throughout or range of products. American made product may cost more, but the cost brings many benefits. American made products:
  • are made to higher quality standards by workers that care about their product.
  • pay fair wages to support American families.
  • pay American taxes to support the government services Americans expect to receive.
  • are made in safer, cleaner workplaces often using cleaner sources of power.
  • waste far less energy on unnecessary transportation.

Unfortunately, the consumer focus for many years on low cost, regardless of quality, has eliminated US production of many of the products related to tea. For example, there are no US factories producing well designed, high quality slip cast traditional style teapots. For many years, we bought all of our teapots from England. Now, the low cost disease has closed the best English potteries and driven others to move to China. Today, the best available pottery is coming mostly from Thailand, but it is not equal to what we could buy ten years ago from England. We continue to look for ways to encourage local manufacturing.

Tea - A Different Story
Tea is an agricultural product that requires very specific growing conditions. These conditions are only well met in a small part of the world. There have been attempts to establish tea plantations in the US, mainly in the Carolinas, with some success. However, the output is so small compared to demand that the US product is never sold on the open market. We buy tea through sources that maintain direct connections to the growers, often at a personal or even family level, to help ensure that the tea is produced by farm workers who are fairly paid for their work.