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Teapots and Teaware

Teapots selected first for quality, then for value.

Whether you need a teapot to make tea in small quantities, or a teapot large enough to serve a crowd, you can find it here. We have tea cozies to complement every teapot and every teapot will serve better tea with a tea cozy.

The groupings below each link to an assortment of teaware. Click on any category to view the products in that collection.

Chatsford Teapots

Our best selling teapots for more than 20 years! Customers love the traditional shape and colors, large, easy to fill and clean brewing basket, and clean pouring. Available in four sizes from 16 ounce to 60 ounce.

For Life Design

This line includes multiple sizes and shapes of quality, modern porcelain teapots with stainless steel infusing baskets. Also offered are mugs with infusers, Asian style teacups, and tea tidies (holders for used teabags at the table). Available in many beautiful colors!

Cast Iron Teaware

Perhaps the oldest traditional Asian teaware, cast iron has been a standard for centuries. Offered in multiple sizes and decorations in teapots and teacups.

Glass Teaware

Preferred by customers as the least likely material to retain flavors and carry over flavor from one brew to the next. Available in teapots and cup/saucer sets.

Yixing Teaware

Traditional small (7 to 18 ounce) teapots made from unglazed red or brown clay. Teacups with saucers are also available. It is traditional to have a separate teapot for each tea owned. Because the clay is unglazed, it will gradually absorb and be sealed by the tea, leaving the teapot slightly flavored by the tea it is used with.