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Tea Quilt Tea Cozies - The Best Tea Cozy.

Our tea cozy keeps tea hot and fresh up to 3 hours!

The Tea Quilt tea cozy is made in Minnesota and is available in over 300 fabrics. Tea cozies are grouped by themes below. Click any group photo to view tea cozies for that theme, or use the search bar above to look for a specific color or decoration.

Tea Quilt tea cozies are:

Made in the USA

Each tea cozy is hand cut, assembled, and finished by workers who have demonstrated their ability and desire to produce an outstanding quality product, every time.

Performance tested

The original design, and every material change to the product made over the past 25+ years, has been tested to determine how long it takes a 6 cup teapot, filled with 210 F water and covered with a medium Tea Quilt tea cozy, to cool to 160 F. The test is repeated with 1/2 the water poured out after 3-4 minutes to match normal use. The average result is over 2.5 hours!

Not a Tea Warmer

A tea cozy keeps tea hot without constantly reheating the tea, as a tea warmer does. Warmers rapidly oxidize tea, making the tea bitter within 15 to 20 minutes. The Tea Quilt tea cozy minimizes air circulation and increases humidity around the teapot to slow oxidation and evaporation (heat loss). Tea stays fresh tasting for much longer!

More Effective than a muff style tea cozy

A Muff style (wrap around) tea cozy leaves the spout, handle, and frequently the lid, open to air circulation. This increases both oxidation and heat loss through evaporation, leading to bitter taste and faster cooling. The Tea Quilt tea cozy completely covers the teapot to stop air circulation, greatly reducing oxidation and evaporation, to keep your tea hot and fresh for a longer period of time.