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Tea Time Serving

Drip catchers, lemon wraps, place cards, pastry forks and teaspoons, napkins and more.

Table setting for a tea party requires more than just a tea cozy. Place cards and holders, pastry forks and teaspoons, cute tea napkins, all the little things add elegance to the experience.

Stem Wraps and Coasters

These soft white paper staem wraps or coasters will absorb any liquid that spills from a cup, mug, or glass. Also captures condensation from from cold beverages.

Tea Condiments

Your guests may well prefer their tea with lemon, sugar, and/or milk. Add lemon wraps to catch the seeds and pulp, and an attractive sugar bowl and small pitcher for the milk and sugar.

Pretty Serving Plates

Include white paper lace doilies or parchment leaves or roses on your serving plates to show off the treats!