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t-sac filters, Infusers, Tools, and Storage

Make fine loose tea easy to handle with these recommended tea filters and tools.

t-sac paper tea filters

are made in 4 sizes for infusing loose teas and offer easy clean up!

Reusable tea filters

Baskets by Finum in standard or floating design, Chatsford mug infusers, cotton socks, and traditional stainless mesh styles.

Replacement tea filters

are available for Chatsford teapots, and Simax glass teapots. Remember: tea must stay hot to infuse properly. A beautiful tea cozy does the job.

T-sac tea filters

Made with unbleached hemp paper in 4 sizes to fit teacups to large teapots. T-sac filters are easy to fill with loose tea and are easy to clean up!

Finum Brewing Baskets

Very fine mesh of goldtone stainless steel contains even finely cut teas. Standard style hangs on the rim of most mugs and teapots. Floating baskets fit inside any mug or teapot with a 2 3/4 inch or wider opening. Recommended for both tea and coffee.

Chatsford infusers

The popular strong, very fine nylon mesh works well for all cuts of loose leaf tea. We have the mug size basket, and replacements for all Chatsford teapot sizes.

Granny's Fave - The Cotton Tea Sock

100% cotton drawstring bags in small and large, or the largest bag with a coated wire ring and handle, also 100% cotton.

Traditional Stainless Steel Mesh Styles

Mesh tea balls on a chain in a variety of sizes, the spring handle mesh ball, and a variety of other options also.