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Keeping Shipping Costs Reasonable

Every year, the US Postal Service, Fedex, and UPS all increase their shipping rates. In the past, increases averaged about 5 percent. In recent years, the increases have been much higher. Like it or not, they will charge what they want to charge.

What can you do to help control your shipping costs?

First, remember that the first pound is always the most expensive. Whenever possible combine orders to increase the weight. Order more, and less often, or get together with friends and family and place one large order instead of several small orders.

Second, For U.S. and Canadian retail customers, take advantage of shipping discounts. On orders for over $45.00 in merchandise, we provide a generous credit against the weight based portion of your shipping cost. This applies to any method available for your order. For orders shipped within the U.S., light weight orders frequently will ship for free. Heavier orders will have shipping costs reduced to as little as just a few dollars. Shipping costs to Canada are much higher, so the discount has less impact.

Third, If possible have Fedex shipments, either ground or express, sent to you at your business rather than at home. Its always cheaper. (For Postal Service deliveries it makes no difference.)