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Avoid Ordering the Wrong Size Cozy!

Custom Tea Cozies

Many tea cozy fabrics can be made in custom sizes when our regular sizes are too small.

Many of our tea cozy fabrics can be made in custom sizes in addition to the regular sizes listed in our sizing guide.
To order a custom size:

  1. measure your teapot(s) according to the instructions in the Tea Cozy Sizing Guide. See "Sizing Guide" under "Tea Cozy Information" in the Information Finder to the left on this page.
  2. Select your preferred fabric choice and one or two alternates, in case your first choice cannot be cut to your pattern size.
  3. Email us using the Contact us page with your measurements and fabric choice(s.) Please include your name, address, and phone number in the email. Also attach one or more photos of the teapot to your email.
We will determine the pattern sizing, confirm availability of your fabric choices, and email you instructions for completing your order on the website.

Tea Cozy - Custom

Tea Cozy - Custom

Item #Name/SizeAdd QtyPrice  
F-CUST07price code 07
F-CUST10price code 10
F-CUST15price code 15
F-CUST20price code 20
F-CUST25price code 25
F-CUST30price code 30
F-CUST35price code 35
F-CUST40price code 40
F-CUST45price code 45
F-CUST50price code 50