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Tea Quilt Sizing Guide

Are you shopping for gift?
If you cannot measure the recipient's teapot to find the right size, at least ask how much tea it holds. For a traditional shape and less than 24 ounces, a MEDIUM should work. Anything larger than 24 ounces, we recommend choosing the LARGE size to allow for the many variations of shape in larger teapots. Anything over 55 ounces will require measurement and most likely, a custom size tea cozy.

The regular catalog sizes described below account for nearly all of our tea cozy sales. However, occasionally a customer has a teapot that just can not be fit with a regular size. For these cases we will do a custom fit tea cozy for a price that is usually quite reasonable. For more information, please contact our sales staff by phone or e-mail.

Tea Quilt Sizing Guide

The only way to properly select a tea cozy for a particular teapot is to measure the teapot using the following method. The amount of tea that a teapot holds is not an accurate indicator of the shape of the teapot or the size cozy you would need.
Please follow the photos and directions below to measure your teapot.
Note: For French Presses, have the plunger half way down when measuring. This is the correct plunger position during brewing.

Tea Quilt Measuring Guide

Make your measuring guide: To make your measuring guide, cut a piece of stiff 8.5" x 11" paper into 3 pieces length wise and tape end to end making a piece about 30" long. Mark an arrow at one end (photo 1). For a very large teapot, or one with an unusual shape, use 4 FULL SHEETS of paper taped end to end instead of third sheets. When following the guide for doing the circumference make sure the loop is sitting fully on the table before marking the dimension.
measuring guide
Photo 1

Step A - Circumference: To do your first measurement, make a loop large enough to slip easily over the teapot from top to bottom going straight up and down. Do not let measuring guide slide under spout, as this will give you an incorrect measurement. When the loop is large enough, draw a line at the point of the arrow (photo 2).
Photo 2

Step A - Continued: Lay your guide flat and measure it from the edge with the arrow to the line you marked (photo 3). Using the table below find a tea cozy size that has a Step A measurement the same as or larger than your measurement. In our example we would choose a Large for our Step A measurement. (24" as shown in photo 3)
first measurement guide
Photo 3

Step B - Over the top, body and lid: Using your measuring guide, measure from the table up over the lid and back to the table on the opposite side of the teapot (photo 4). Lay your guide flat and measure it. This measurement should be the same as or less than Step B for the tea cozy size selected in Step A. If not, select a larger size where both Step A and Step B measurements are larger than your teapot's measurements.
over the top, body and lid
Photo 4

Step C - Over the top, handle and spout: Using your measuring guide, measure from the table over the spout, lid and handle, then back to the table (photo 5). Lay your guide flat and measure it. This measurement should be the same as or less than Step C for the tea cozy selected in Step A or Step B. If not, select a larger size where all three measurements are larger than your measurements.
over the top, handle and spout
Photo 5

If no tea cozy size below is large enough for your measurements: You will need a custom size. Write down your measurements and keep them handy. Go to the page Tea Cozies >> Custom Tea Cozies and follow the instructions there to request a custom order quotation.

Teapot Maximum Measurements [inches (cm)]
Tea Quilt Size Step AStep BStep CApprox. Capacity
Personal20 (51)14 (35)19 (48)2 - 3 cups, 18 oz or less
French Press18 (46)22.5 (57)26 (66)up to 8 cups, 33 oz or less
Medium23 (58)16 (41)21 (53)4 - 6 cups, 35 oz or less
Large25 (63)18 (46)24 (61)6 - 8 cups, 50 oz or less

If you are in doubt: remember that the larger of two sizes you are considering will be more versatile.

Teapot Sizes
Sizing teapots should be a fairly simple thing, yet it seems to cause more confusion than almost anything else we deal with. The confusion arises from an American misunderstanding of the British idea of a "cup" of tea. For most British companies, a 4 cup teapot will pour 4 cups of tea. Since a typical teacup will hold 6 ounces, that is about 24 ounces of tea. So far, so good. Then an American company imports the teapot, finds that it holds 24 ounces, and, while muttering unkind things about the English, decides that, since a measuring cup holds 8 ounces, it is really only a 3 cup teapot!
Our Standard
Since hardly anyone drinks tea from a measuring cup, we stick to the British method. When a size is listed in cups, it is in 6 ounce teacups. As much as possible, we try to list both cups and ounces.
About French Presses
If you are not confused yet, read on! French Press makers also size their product in cups. Their standard "cup" is a 4 ounce demitasse cup! So a 32 ounce French press that holds 4 measuring cups and will serve 5+ cups of tea, is labeled as an 8 cup French Press!
The chart below will help get from one size to another.
Ounces12 oz.18 oz.24 oz.32 oz.36 oz.42 oz.48 oz.60 oz.72 oz.
Demitasse cups34+68910+121518
Measuring cups1.52+344.55+67.59

Text and photos copyright 2016 Design In Mind, Inc.