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Custom Tea Cozies

When you need a different size or fabric from what we offer:

We are happy to make a custom tea cozy for you out of fabric you select and send to us. We also make custom sizes from the fabrics we offer when your teapot is taller or wider than our regular sizes allow.

Ordering A Custom Size From Our Fabric:

You will need to contact us for instructions on ordering one of our cozies in a unique size. (See our Contact link for phone or email.) First be sure to measure your teapot using our Tea Cozy Sizing Guide in the method we suggest. You will be asked for those 3 dimensions when you call us. Also, have a first and second choice fabric from our tea cozy fabric selections in mind. We will verify that we have the required amount of fabric and email you with instructions for completing your order.

If You Would Rather Use Your Own Fabric:

We have made cozies from client's drapery fabric, grandmas linen table cloth, and wild and wonderful quilter cottons. Appropriate fabrics are: a high quality quilter's cotton (try a quilting shop), a decorator cotton or cotton blend, even some tapestries or upholstery fabrics.

Small prints work better than large ones, and very soft fabrics (silks, rayons) do not work well at all. If in doubt, before you purchase, please mail us a small swatch and we can advise you on it's suitability.

CAUTION: Geometric prints are often difficult to work with because they are not always printed straight in both directions. Check the fabric carefully before choosing a geometric print.

How Much Fabric:

Please send us 1/2 yard of your selected fabric. This will be more than enough, and does allow us to center the pattern in the best place. We return the excess fabric to you. We will choose a complementary cord color for your fabric.


The price for making a cozy out of fabric you provide includes the lining (same as our standard product), a cord loop, and labor. A typical custom made with our fabric will be $10.00 to $15.00 more than regular price for the fabric selected.

Other sizes that require custom pattern-making for larger or taller teapots will be more expensive. Tassels in place of the cord loop are also available. Additional cost will depend on the style selected. (See the Elegance series tea cozies for examples of our tassels, pricing varies). Remember to measure your teapot accurately using the Tea Cozy Sizing Guide (also listed in the menu under "Tea Cozies")


Contact by phone for ordering instructions. See "Contact Us" at the top of this page.

Lead Time:

Normal lead time for a custom cozy is 2 - 3 weeks. Due to the high demand for standard products in December, custom orders placed in December most likely will not be delivered until January.