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Tea Basics, History, and Lore

Books about tea and tea history.

Great reading while you enjoy your pot of tea!

The Book of Tea by Okakura Kakuzo

The Book of Tea by Okakura Kakuzo

The Book of Tea by Okakura Kakuzo. A Tuttle Classic Edition. First published in 1906. The Book of Tea masterfully blends a history of tea and the Japanese ceremony with descriptions of Taoism and Zen, flower arranging, architecture and art appreciation. The result is an eloquent treatise of tea and the aesthetics of Japan. Chapter titles include: the cup of humanity, the schools of tea, Taoism and Zennism, the tea-room, art appreciation, flowers and tea-masters. 4 3/4" x 7 1/2", 133 pages, hardcover inside hardcover slip case.
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BKT004The Book of Tea by Okakura Kakuzo -
The Book of Coffee and Tea

The Book of Coffee and Tea

A comprehensive guide to both coffee and tea from farming through enjoying. This book was last updated in 1995, so some of the information regarding countries and governmental agencies is somewhat out of date (ie: the US Tea Board no longer exists), but the information on teas and coffees is excellent. Pen and ink illustrations only. 314 pages, softcover.
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BK016The Book of Coffee and Tea -
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