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Getting the best results from your tea cozy

The Tea Quilt™ tea cozy is designed to sit over a teapot (or coffee carafe, or anything else you want to keep warm). It does this by minimizing air circulation around the teapot and reducing evaporation within the teapot. It also insulates the teapot from surrounding air. Here are a few suggestions to get the most out of your tea cozy.


It's always a good idea to fill a teapot with warm tap water while the kettle is heating. This warms up the teapot to help keep the infusing temperature higher. We suggest covering the teapot with your tea cozy as well. This will more thoroughly warm the teapot and warm the cozy as well.

Keep the teapot covered

Keep the cozy on the teapot while infusing, and anytime except when pouring.

What is the teapot sitting on?

The surface underneath the teapot also matters. If it feels cold to the touch, it will cool the teapot quickly. Heavy counter tops, like stone or metal, for example, or china tea trays, have a significant cooling capacity. Natural surfaces, like wood, fabric, or cork, act like insulation under the teapot and help retain the heat.


Your teapot will be hot! With a good tea cozy, the teapot will be as hot as the tea inside of it. Have a tea towel or hotpad handy when removing the infuser and pouring!