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Choosing Coffee

Obviously, people choose coffee that tastes good. But given all the choices available, how does one narrow the field according to individual preferences? As a guide, we, like many other vendors, include three "ratings" on our coffee. These are Roast, Acidity, and Body.

We have described the roasting process on another page. For this discussion, the important points to remember are that darker roasts tend to decrease acidity and increase both flavor and body.

Acidity is desirable in coffee. It produces a sense of dryness on the palate. It adds a bright, vibrant quality to the coffee. With too little acidity, the coffee will be flat. Acidity is not sourness, which is not desirable in a coffee.

Body is the feeling of heaviness or richness that is perceived in the mouth. Compare it to the difference between whole milk and skim milk. The body of a coffee is determined by the oils and solids extracted during brewing. If you prefer milk or cream in your coffee, a coffee with heavier body will retain more of its flavor when diluted.

Of course, the overall perception of flavor and aroma includes many factors beyond these three. These simply serve as a guide to finding coffees with a profile similar to ones you already enjoy.

You may have noticed that our flavored coffees do not have guide charts. This is because they are all based on the same coffee that is selected because it will complement, rather than overwhelm, the flavoring. This coffee is a full city roast with moderate acidity and body.