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Brewing Hot Tea

Brewing tea with the Tea Quilt™
Much has been written about how to properly brew tea. While our "method" may or may not agree with the latest "science", we think the results are the best test. We've been using this method with our tea cozies for many years.


Good water is the starting point. If you don't like the taste of your drinking water, you probably won't like it's taste in your tea either. A good water filter or purchased spring water will improve the enjoyment of your tea significantly.

Preparation and Brewing for Hot Tea

First, prepare the tea. For loose teas use a large infuser so the leaves have plenty of room for expansion and water circulation.

If you have a good scale, weigh the tea instead of measuring by volume. A tablespoon of full leaf tea may weigh only half as much as a tablespoon of cut black tea. Use 3 grams of tea for every 8 fluid ounces of water. (This is 13 - 14 grams of tea per liter of water.)

If you do not have a scale, start with 1 rounded teaspoon for two cups of tea. (The "English" recipe of 1 rounded teaspoon per cup plus an extra for the pot makes a strong tea. Great if you intend to add milk, but too strong for most straight tea drinkers.) If the tea has full curled leaves, use a tablespoon per cup instead. In any case, you will need to adjust your measurements next time based on the results.

If the results are too strong, reduce the quantity of tea used. If the results are too weak, you can increase the infusion time up to the maximum recommended, but do not exceed the maximum or the tea will probably be very bitter. Instead, increase the quantity of tea used.

For Black Teas:

Black teas need to brew as close to boiling temperature as possible. The teapot and cosy can be preheated. To preheat, fill the teapot with very hot tap water and cover the pot with the Tea Quilt. Preheating both the pot and the cosy helps minimize heat loss during brewing.

When the water reaches boiling, uncover and empty the tap water from the teapot. Add the tea infuser and fill the teapot immediately with the boiling water. Cover the pot again with the Tea Quilt. Brew for the time recommended for your tea, usually 2 to 4 minutes, then remove the spent tea (if left in any longer the tea will become bitter.)

For Green and Herbal Teas:

These teas require a lower brewing temperature, typically 175 to 185 degrees F. Preheating the pot is usually not necessary. Allow the boiled water to cool for several minutes before filling the teapot and then check the water temperature with a thermometer. It may take several minutes for the teapot to air cool to the correct brewing temperature. When the water is at the correct temperature, add the tea using an infuser and cover the teapot. Allow the tea to brew for no longer than three minutes. Uncover the pot and remove the infuser.


Always keep the teapot covered between pourings, and keep a hotpad ever handy. Our Tea Quilt will keep the teapot much hotter than you may expect.

Preparing Iced Tea:

While the traditional approach of making a strong hot tea and pouring it over ice certainly works. We find that better results can be achieved infusing teas in cold water. Cold Infusion also works with teas that would become cloudy when made hot and then chilled. Read more in our FAQ about Cold Infusion.