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cast iron teaware

Cast iron teapots were created in ancient China and then further developed by the Japanese as practical home tools as well as treasured art items. They are beautiful and long lasting.

Through special treatments, impurities are removed from the cast iron during production. A coating of gloss enamel is then applied to help prevent rusting on the interior of the body as well as the lid and any drinking cups.

These teapots can be used to boil water as well as steep tea. Most come with a stainless mesh infuser which should be removed when boiling water, only using it for steeping. If you will be only steeping and serving the tea with the pot be sure to preheat the pot.

Instructions for use:

1. Before the first use thoroughly wash and rinse the pot.

2. Each time you prepare to steep tea, pour boiling water into the pot and allow it to sit long enough to preheat the entire pot (also any cups.) Pour this water out and refill the teapot with hot water for the tea.

3. Allow the temperature of the pot to cool down to the temperature recommended for the tea you will brew. Remember green and white teas are delicate and need slightly cooler temps.

4. Insert the tea-filled infuser and pour a bit more water over the leaves to settle them into the water. Time the brew according to directions for the tea. After pouring the first cup the infuser basket is usually suspended over the remaining tea, so no need to remove it as with other teapots.

5. If you will be holding the tea for a time before serving, remove the infuser and place the pot under a tea cozy. (See our wonderful tea cozies for oriental style pots.)

6. ENJOY!!

see further care instructions in the next question