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About the Tea Quilt™ Tea Cozy

Made in Minnesota!

Made in USA

Each Tea Quilt tea cozy is made from top quality materials, hand cut and sewn by our trained crafters. We support "stay at home" mothers by offering flexible, part time schedules that support their desire to be home when the children are home, while still earning fair wages for the high quality work they accomplish.

Keeps it HOT!
The Tea Quilt and Coffee Quilt liner is 5 layers thick, including insulation, a moisture barrier, and heat reflector. Temperature studies have found that a 3 cup teapot filled with 200oF water will still be above 160oF after 2.5 hours! Unlike tea warmers, the Tea Quilt limits evaporation. This protects the flavor of the tea from becoming overly strong and bitter, a common problem when using a tea warmer.

Over 300 Styles!
This wide range of product is grouped by themes under the Tea Cozies tab in the menu. Click on any group name to view and order cozies in that group. Most are available in any of the 4 sizes. (Click on the "Tea Cozy Sizing Guide" for more information about sizes.) Tea cozies are made to order and normally ship in 7 - 10 business days. Looking for something specific? Try the Search box.