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Certified Organic and Biodynamic Teas

Certified Organic Teas

Organic farms raise their produce without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. To be certified Organic, the farm is inspected by an independent agency, which also tests both the farm and produce from the farm for chemical and pesticide residues.

Bio-dynamic Certification

The Bio-dynamic farm concept goes far beyond the Organic certification idea. A Bio-dynamic farm is by definition also organic, but the Bio-dynamic concept for certification extends into everything done on or by the farm. For example, compost used for fertilizer must be made on the farm, and everything used to make the compost must be grown on the farm. Likewise, animals used on the farm must be fed from farm produce. The concept also extends to the farm workers. The Bio-dynamic standards require levels of employee involvement in management, benefit and wage standards, and even housing and living standards. In short a Bio-dynamic farm must be sustainable and beneficial both environmentally and socially.

When we select a tea, it must first of all be an excellent tea. When we find such a tea produced by an Organic or Bio-dynamic certified farm, that's exciting!