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Tribest Personal Blender

Tribest Personal Blender

Tribest Personal Blender Model PB-250. Smoothie time is here...crush ice for drinks, whip up a milkshake, grind nuts, seeds, and even coffee beans. Lightweight and portable - uses regular electrical plug. Made of polycarbonate. All-in-one container for blending, serving and storage.

The PB-250 Blending and Grinding Package Includes:

  • Personal Blender Motor Base 7" high - 110V
  • one Blending Blade Assembly
  • one Grinding Blade Assembly
  • two 16 oz BPA Free Blending Containers
  • two 8 oz BPA Free Grinding Containers
  • one Commuter Sipping Lid
  • three Regular Lids
  • Operation Manual with Recipes

    What people are saying about the Tribest Personal Blender:
  • lots of power.
  • does a great job crushing ice, grinding spices and coffee beans.
  • I use it daily for my smoothies. Easy to use and clean.
  • Very versatile. Make homemade dressings and hummus.
  • I love that I can get replacement parts for my Tribest.
  • Nice selection of cup sizes, 8, 16 and 24 oz.

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