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Smoothies and other scrumptious delights

Smoothies and other scrumptious delights

by Elysa Markowitz. Personal blending can be so much fun!
This book features the Tribest Personal Blender, and can be used as a beginners' guide to create delicious recipes. Discover that not only can you create yummy mouth-watering smoothies, but also whip up such delicious tasting recipes such as dressings, pestos, sauces, soups, sorbets, and more! Raw, enzyme-rich smoothies are a great health value for the whole family to enjoy.
Discover such delights as: Blushing Cashew Sauce, Brain Builder Smoothie, Mellow Salso, Summer Sublime Soup, Berry Cherry Lemonade, Lean Italian Dressing, Papaya Pudding, and many more!
Over 50 easy recipes in full colour. Quick and wholesome and simple to create from your kitchen or even on the go!
Getting to know your blender has never been so healthy so discover a complete new way to enjoy smoothies and other scrumptious delights. The Tribest Personal Blender is in our Kitchen/Kitchen Tools section.

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