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Sadler Teapots

Peter Sadler teapots - classic English style classic colors.

English style teapots designed by Peter Sadler Inc. include a D shaped opening for better lid retention while pouring. These teapots are available in six solid colors and three sizes. Made in Malaysia and China.
Suggested tea cozies are not included in the teapot price.
Recommended infusers and tea cozy sizes:
Tea infuser suggestions:

  • 12 oz. (2 cup) teapot use a 1.5 or 2 inch ball or a #2 t-sac.
  • 36 oz (6 cup) teapot use a 2.5 inch ball cotton tea sock or a #3 t-sac.
  • 48 oz (8 cup) teapot use a 2.5 inch basket 3 inch ball oval basket cotton tea sock or a #4 t-sac.
What size Cozy should I use?
  • Personal size for the 12 oz (2 cup)
  • Medium size for the 36 oz. (6 cup)
  • Large size for the 48 oz. (8 cup)