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Organic and Fair Trade Coffees

Coffees that carry organic and fair trade certification.

Coffees produced on certified organic estates and marketed through fair trade agreements.
All coffee packages contain 12 oz. net weight packed in a mylar foil bag.

Sumatra coffee

Heavy and spicy with a hint of smokiness.
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CO-SUMSumatra coffee - Organic Fair Trade 12 oz.

Scandinavian Blend coffee

Clean and bright with a smoky finish.
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CO-SCScandinavian Blend coffee - Organic Fair Trade 12 oz.

Peruvian coffee

A mild well-balanced and satisfying coffee with light acidity.
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CO-PEPeruvian coffee - Organic Fair Trade 12 oz.

Moroccan Blend coffee

Sweet and rich complexity, heavy bodied with a bite.
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CO-MOMoroccan Blend coffee - Organic Fair Trade 12 oz.

Mexican coffee

A light cup with tones of fruit and nuttiness.
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CO-MEMexican coffee - Organic Fair Trade 12 oz.No stock

Italian Blend coffee

A hearty dark roast, bold and spicy.
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CO-ITItalian Blend coffee - Organic Fair Trade 12 oz.

Guatemalan coffee

Smooth, medium-bodied with a hint of smokiness and notes of dark chocolate.
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CO-GUGuatemalan coffee - Organic Fair Trade 12 oz.

French Roast coffee

Traditional dark roast, rich, bittersweet and smoky with a bite.
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CO-FRFrench Roast coffee - Organic Fair Trade 12 oz.

Breakfast Blend coffee

The perfect way to start your day...tones of caramel, chocolate and slightly smoky.
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CWDO-BBBreakfast Blend coffee - Organic Mountain Water decaf Fair Trade 12 oz.