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Large Teapots, up to 70 oz.

Family sized teapots to serve a crowd.

Large Teapot Size Guide:
  • 70 oz teapot serves 11 teacups or 9 - 10 mugs (10 oz) of tea. Use a Jumbo Size Tea Quilt™ tea cozy. For more tea cozy choices, use our Contact Us page.
  • 62 oz teapot serves 10 teacups or 6 mugs (10 oz) of tea. Requires a custom cut tea cozy. See Tea Cozies >> Custom Tea Cozies for more information.
Tea cozies are not included in the teapot price.

Chatsford Teapot - white

Chatsford Teapot - white

Chatsford teapot in classic white! Available in four sizes. See top of page for more information on sizes.
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TPCHWH10Chatsford Teapot - white - 62 oz.