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Espresso Blends

Blends of dark and medium roast coffees specifically for espresso.

Espresso is not a particular roast but an exceptional blend of dark and medium roast coffees. Each one has a unique flavor profile. Do your own taste tests of the Gold Primo and Intermezzo to see what suits you and your expresso machine best.

Espresso Intermezzo coffee

Not too light, not too dark. Just the right flavor symphony.
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CE-INregular 12 oz.

Espresso Gold coffee

Roasted lighter in the European tradition, this blend is smooth and delicate, yet full bodied with a caramelly, nutty finish.
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CE-EGregular 12 oz.
CEO-EGfair trade organic 12 oz.

Espresso Primo coffee

A full bodied dark roasted blend especially designed for milk-based latte and cappuccino drinks.
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CE-EPregular 12 oz.
CEO-EPfair trade organic 12 oz.
CED-EPdecaf 12 oz.