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Coffees By Region

Great Arabica coffees from the primary coffee growing countries.

Premium coffees from the well known growing regions of the world.
All coffee packages contain 12 oz. net weight packed in a mylar foil bag.

Tanzania Peaberry coffee

Intense flavor, rich and full-bodied, with low acidity, a hint of wineyness and a complex finish.
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C-TPTanzania Peaberry coffee - regular 12 oz.

Sumatra coffee

Heavy and spicy with a hint of smokiness.
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C-SUMSumatra coffee - regular 12 oz.

Papua New Guinea coffee

Mild spicy flavor with a snap, medium to heavy body.
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C-PNGPapua New Guinea coffee - regular 12 oz.

Peruvian coffee

A mild well-balanced and satisfying coffee with light acidity.
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CO-PEPeruvian coffee - Organic Fair Trade 12 oz.

Mexican coffee

A light cup with tones of fruit and nuttiness.
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C-MEMexican coffee - regular 12 oz.No stock

Kenya AA coffee

Bright acidity, complex and crisply rich. Full bodied with wild acidity.
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C-KAAKenya AA coffee - regular 12 oz.No stock

Java Estate coffee

Bold, sweet, spicy and heavy-bodied.
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C-JEJava Estate coffee - regular 12 oz.No stock

Guatemalan coffee

Smooth, medium-bodied with a hint of smokiness and notes of dark chocolate.
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C-GUGuatemalan coffee - regular 12 oz.

Ethiopian coffee

Bold, creamy, chocolaty; balanced with a hint of berry.
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C-ETEthiopian coffee - regular 12 oz.No stock

Colombian coffee

Extremely well-balanced cup; complex, deep and distinctive.
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C-CSColombian coffee - Supremo 12 oz.

Costa Rican coffee

A full-bodied, nutty flavored coffee with bright acidity.
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C-CRCosta Rican coffee - regular 12 oz.No stock

Brazilian coffee

Delicate, medium bodied with a nutty flavor.
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C-BRBrazilian coffee - regular 12 oz.