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What Our Customers Say

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"I knew I would like the teapot - the color is what I expected, and it's size is perfect. The tea cozy, however, blew me away. It is absolutely beautiful! I have "a thing" for pine trees, and the fabric for Sunset Pines is truly lovely.... Of course, it doesn't hurt that it keeps my tea warm for several hours!" CH, New York

Teapots and Teaware

Teapots selected first for quality, then for value.

Whether you need a teapot to make tea in small quantities, or a teapot large enough to serve a crowd, you can find it here. We have tea cozies to complement every teapot and every teapot will serve better tea with a tea cozy.

The groupings below each link to an assortment of teaware. Click on any category to view the products in that collection.

Teapots by BrandShop Now

Popular teapot brands including Chatsford, For Life, and Bee House, among others.

Teapots by sizeShop Now

Find all available teapots in the size range you desire.

Teapots by colorShop Now

Find all options in your preferred color.

Fine China TeasetsShop Now

Formal English style fine china. Limited selection.

Mugs & TravelwareShop Now

Check out the Drinking Jars - the most common "on the go" tea cup in Asia!

Tea/Coffee PressesShop Now

French Presses work equally well for coffee or tea.

Cold DrinkwareShop Now

Perfect servers for iced tea and great for any cold summer beverage!

Tea for OneShop Now

Traditional and modern versions provide relaxing tea service for one.

Japanese TeasetsShop Now

Porcelain and stoneware teasets from Japan

Family Size TeapotsShop Now

English style teapots for serving a crowd!

Solid Color TeapotsShop Now

Basic solid colors from many sources.

Glass TeapotsShop Now

Elegant glass teapots are preferred for green and white teas and herbal infusions.

Cast Iron TeapotsShop Now

Cast iron teapots hold heat much longer than other materials!

Yixing TeawareShop Now

Traditional Chinese Yixing teapots are ideal for green teas.

Gaiwan/GongfuShop Now

Traditional Chinese porcelain individual Gaiwan tea cups.

Fine China TeacupsShop Now

Fine china teacups for collectors.

Teacup & Saucer Display StandsShop Now

Cup and saucer display stands.