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"I knew I would like the teapot - the color is what I expected, and it's size is perfect. The tea cozy, however, blew me away. It is absolutely beautiful! I have "a thing" for pine trees, and the fabric for Sunset Pines is truly lovely.... Of course, it doesn't hurt that it keeps my tea warm for several hours!" CH, New York

Insulated Tea Cozies

The Tea Quilt™ insulated tea cozies keep tea hot and fresh up to 3 hours!

The Tea Quilt™ tea cozy, with our proprietary multi layer insulated lining, keeps your tea hot longer, and fresher tasting, because:
  • Tea cozies keep tea hot without constantly reheating the tea, as a tea warmer does. Warmers rapidly oxidize tea, causing the tea to become bitter within 15 to 20 minutes. The Tea Quilt tea cozy minimizes air circulation and increases humidity around the teapot to slow oxidation and evaporation (heat loss). Tea stays fresh tasting for much longer!
  • Muff or wrap around style tea cozies leave the spout and lid open to air circulation, which encourages both oxidation and evaporation, leading to bitter taste and more rapid heat loss. The Tea Quilt tea cozy completely covers the teapot, stopping air circulation and greatly reducing oxidation, protecting the quality of your tea and keeping it fresher tasting for a longer period of time.
The Tea Quilt tea cozies are made in Minnesota and are available in over 300 fabric choices in the groups below. Click any group photo to help narrow your choices, or use the search bar above to look for a specific color or decoration.

New Tea CoziesShop Now

Great new tea cozies recently added to our selections!

Quick Ship!Shop Now

In stock tea cozies for quick shipment.

Custom Tea CoziesShop Now

Many tea cozy fabrics can be made in custom sizes when our regular sizes are too small.

AmericanaShop Now

Tea cosies made with American classic cotton prints.

The BluesShop Now

Tea cozies with a decidedly blue theme.

Colours & StripesShop Now

Bright, splashy, colorful tea cozies.

ContempoShop Now

Contemporary tea cosies in abstract and geometric designs.

EleganceShop Now

Elegance tea cozies features a range of luxurious fabrics including damask, tapestry, satin, moire and more.

Flowers by NameShop Now

Tea cozies that highlight beautiful flowers.

Flowers GaloreShop Now

Floral print tea cosies featuring mini, all-over floral prints, chintz style, and all over bouquets of a variety of flowers.

Fruit & VineShop Now

Tea cozies that celebrate the harvest on fabric.

Garden BotanicalShop Now

The beauty of nature transferred to tea cozies.

HolidayShop Now

Tea cozies for holidays throughout the year.

Kitchen GourmetShop Now

Tea cozies that just belong in a bright kitchen.

Leisure & HobbyShop Now

Tea cosies with leisure activity and hobbies as a theme.

NeutralsShop Now

Neutral tea cosies fit a very modern decorating style.

Asian InfluenceShop Now

Tea cozies featuring fabrics with intense colors and Asian themes.

Out of AfricaShop Now

Tea cosies featuring prints with an African flair.

Teapots in PrintShop Now

Cozies featuring tea and coffee themed prints.

The Great OutdoorsShop Now

Tea and Coffee cozies for the Great Outdoors.

WhimsyShop Now

Just plain whimsy on a tea cosy.

YesterdaysShop Now

Tea and Coffee cozies with a very traditional or antique look.

ZoologyShop Now

Cats, dogs, birds and more adorn these rather whimsical tea and coffee cozies.