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Where's Petunia? by Ellen Jean Diederich

Where's Petunia? by Ellen Jean Diederich
Where's Petunia by Ellen Jean Diederich. The cats, Art and Petunia, beckon readers to share a game of hide and seek among the flowerbeds and animal pens. For a cat playing hide and seek, where is the best place to hide? Find out as you learn the names of beautiful flowers along with an appreciation of a garden's enchantment. Discover the animals that Ellen Jean Diederich has woven into the flowerbeds. In the back of the book is a photo guide to help readers identify flowers. Illustrated by Ellen Jean Diederich. 32 pages. 9 " x 11.5". Hardcover.
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BKGV001Where's Petunia? by Ellen Jean Diederich -
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