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What Our Customers Say

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"I knew I would like the teapot - the color is what I expected, and it's size is perfect. The tea cozy, however, blew me away. It is absolutely beautiful! I have "a thing" for pine trees, and the fabric for Sunset Pines is truly lovely.... Of course, it doesn't hurt that it keeps my tea warm for several hours!" CH, New York

Devotea Premium Loose Teas

Devotea ™ Premium teas and tisanes from around the world. Each is carefully selected to ensure high quality and distinctive character. Available in loose tea packs and selected teabag options (See "Tea in Teabags" section).

New Teas

What's new in our selection of teas!

Ceylon & South India

Ceylon black teas are known for their bright, crisp flavor!

Darjeeling, Assam, Nepal

Teas from the northern edge of the Indian continent are incredibly varied and unique.

China black teas

Distinctive black teas from China's oldest tea growing regions.

Popular Blends

Oolong & Pouchong Tea

Green & White tea

Green teas and white teas primarily from China, Taiwan, and Japan.

Rooibos and Honeybush

Natural Caffeine free infusions!

Herbal & Fruit Tisanes

Caffeine free fruit and herbal infusions for your quiet time!

Flavored & Spiced Blends

Flavored black tea and green tea blends.

Decaffeinated teas

Only Organic teas